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 Andrew has had the same way about him for most of the last twenty years. It might seem like he only does three tricks, but the content he puts out is deliberately selective. He has a heavy focus on mastering a few simple things, wallrides, tables, etc., and taking them to interesting setups.

Andrew Bio

Make no mistake, Lazer can do many tricks that he’ll probably never put in an edit. He learned tailwhips almost two decades ago, and if you took him to a flat ledge he would definitely surprise you. He just, for whatever reason, doesn’t care to film that stuff. In a way, that type of deliberate decision making captures a lot about him. 

When Andrew first started talking about Timeless, he came at it with that same deliberate focus and a clear set of ideas for what he wanted it to be. A few of the best things in bmx, and a focus on doing those things right.

Most people have never heard Shawn’s name before, but his fingerprints are on some important parts of bmx in the northwest. From working at Goods and Lotek in the early days to helping push the indoor skatepark in Three Hills, Alberta forward, Shawn always had something going on when our generation of riders was bounding into (relative) adulthood. 

Shawn Bio

Back in the ‘90s, he was the first person I ever saw do a crooked grind in real life (in those days, that trick was impossibly difficult) and we spent a lot of our days getting into trouble digging up spots in a valley where spots were hard to come by.

Shawn will have the back end of Timeless dialed in. If I were to guess, you may not see much of him, but he does still have crooked grinds on lock (which, to those of us nearing 40, are still impossibly difficult). ~Aaron Gates

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