United Stealth Plastic Peg 110mm

United Stealth Plastic Peg 110mm

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United is not the first company to make a peg with a nylon sleeve, I doubt they will be the last, but they have looked at the standard alloy/nylon designs out there and made some improvements rather than following what everyone else has put out. Firstly they went for a heat treated cromoly inner peg over alloy, this was so that they could use a thinner material which saves weight, adds strength, and allows them to use a thicker, stronger and more durable nylon sleeve, without making a huge bean can peg. As for the nylon, not all nylon is the same, they went for a low friction and tough abrasion resistant material with anti fracture properties that will keep these pegs sliding longer than a lot of others. Tested by all of our team for over 10 months, and hit many times with a large hammer, they have not failed once.

Thinner cromo base peg for added strength
Thicker low friction abrasion resistant replaceable nylon sleeve
14mm with 10mm insert
Sold as singles
110mm long
40mm diameter
Total weight: 182g per peg
Sleeve weight: 66g per sleeve
Cromo peg weight: 116g per peg

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